Watch.. Emad Al-Sayegh’s response to Khaled Al-Baltan’s statement: “I buried the saying of the Big Four with my own hands!”

Al-Marsad Sports: After the sports critic Imad Al-Sayegh, on the statement of Khaled Al-Baltan, president of Al-Shabab Club, after he said after Al-Ahly’s relegation: “At Al-Malaz Stadium, I buried the saying of the Big Four, this saying that has been devoted by the sports media for more than 50 years.”

Imad Al-Sayegh said, in televised statements on Mbc: “The argument of the Big Four is “wrong” and the country is the most affected, as if it put the youth in a different position from the clubs that call it the Big Four.

And he concluded: “The Big Four got financial support that the youth did not get, and with Al-Ahly’s relegation, the Big Four cylinder ended.”

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