Watch.. Saudi actress “Nermin Mohsen” takes off her hijab.. and responds to a follow-up that called for him to die

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Saudi artist, Nermin Mohsen, surprised her followers by removing the veil without warning.

Nermin appeared during a video clip, with her hair and not wearing a veil, as she was responding to one of her followers who called on her to die, after she said to her: “May the king of death take you in this case, Lord, and you will join your sister.”

Nermin said during the video: “How can you claim this invitation, I did not fear God to return it to you, your forms fear people from Muslims, may God teach you a lesson in your life.”

The artist added: “I am not afraid of death, I am a believing person who knows my limits with God, I worked on myself and grew up, and all thanks to God.”

And she continued: “Oh, the greatest in the sight of my Lord, how do they dominate others, God is your agent and sufficient for you, God suffices me, from the day the veil was on my head while she was insulting me and cursing me and calling upon me, you know about the law, and in God before everything.”

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