We are 46,044,703 inhabitants, according to provisional data from the 2022 Census

Argentina It has a population of 46,082,160 inhabitantsaccording to provisional data from the census carried out last year, and released this Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC).

Of that number, 51.76 percent are women, while 48.22 are men.

The data was presented at a press conference given by the head of INDEC, Marco Lavagnalong with his collaborators.

There are 17 million homes in the country, of which the vast majority are private and only 25,000 are collective homes.

Census 2022: the population in the country’s provinces

Province of Buenos Aires has 17,569,053 inhabitants, the city of Buenos Aires 3,120,612, Catamarca 429,556, Chaco 1,142,963, Chubut 603,120, Córdoba 3,978,984, Corrientes 1,197,553, Entre Ríos 1,426,426, Formosa 606,041.

Jujuy 797,955 inhabitants, La Pampa 366,022, La Rioja 384,607, Mendoza 2,014,533, Misiones 1,280,960, Neuquén 726,590, Río Negro 762,067, Salta 1,440,672 and San Juan 818,234.

San Luis 540,905, Santa Cruz 333,473, Santa Fe 3,556,522, Santiago del Estero 1,054,028, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands 190,641, Tucumán 1,703,186.

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