“We are helpless without knowing what to do,” claims a woman from Cordoba

2023-07-12 01:12:45

JetSmart airline flights were affected this Tuesday by a union conflict at Jorge Newbery airport. The forceful measure was taken without prior notice by the workers of the Intercargo company, members of the Aeronautical Personnel Association.

The Intercargo measure was lifted around 9:40 p.m. and flights began to normalize. In total, at least 16 trips and nearly 3,000 passengers were affected in different parts of the country.

The union conflict also affected the flights that arrived and departed from the Córdoba airport. Two flights arriving in Córdoba, from Bariloche and another from Aeroparque, were cancelled. The measure also affected the departure of two planes from the Pajas Blancas airport to Aeroparque.

Laura, a passenger on the flight that departed from Bariloche, spoke with La Voz and recounted the chaotic situation they are experiencing at the Bariloche airport where they have been stranded since Tuesday afternoon.

“The flight that arrived from Córdoba by JetSmart at 5:15 p.m. is the same one that arrived and returned from Bariloche to Córdoba at 5:46 p.m. and in the middle the Intercargo strike began. The people who were going to Mendoza on another flight made them get on and when they were all ready they made them get off,” said the passenger from Carlos Paz.

Passengers stranded due to cancellations at the Bariloche airport. v

He also reported that the suitcases of passengers who were traveling to the Cuyo province were not lowered. In turn, the luggage of the people from Cordoba who arrived during the afternoon is retained on the plane.

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“We are more than 300 passengers who are stranded in pre-boarding and JetSmart does not give us a solution and nobody shows their faces. We don’t have an answer, the phones don’t work, we’re stranded, no one brought us even water and there are a lot of kids,” Laura said about the situation at the airport.

And he sentenced: “We are helpless without knowing what to do.”

Despite the fact that the measure of force was lifted, the passengers in Bariloche still do not receive answers about the rescheduling of the flights. “We still have not been informed of anything. Even on our JetSmart web pages our reservations do not appear. We don’t know anything,” added Laura.

As a result of the conflict with Intercargo, the airline Latam was also affected. In the case of the latter, for the moment, there are four affected flights: all regional. There are also delays in the delivery of luggage.

Intercargo is the state company that provides passenger and luggage transfer services between the boarding area and the planes, among other activities. JetSMART is a client of Intercargo and does not have its own personnel that have to do with the tasks that Intercargo performs or that may be within the Apa union framework.

The canceled flights that affected Córdoba:

JetSmart. Cancellations on flights to and from Córdoba.JetSmart. Cancellations on flights to and from Córdoba.JetSmart. Cancellations on flights to and from Córdoba.JetSmart. Cancellations on flights to and from Córdoba.
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