“We are often a couple of three” (video)

It had been almost two years since Laeticia Hallyday had not appeared on television. A time now over since the widow of Johnny Hallyday has agreed to answer questions from Seven to eight this Sunday, October 18 in order to promote the release of the new box set by the deceased rocker: “His American dream”.

After such an absence, many people hoped to have answers to the burning questions that have arisen since the death of the idol of the French. And the least we can say is that Jade and Joy’s mother seems to have played along since she has notably addressed her new love life.

The one who found love with Pascal Balland confides that it was not easy. “It’s hard to learn to love. One has the impression of cheating on her husband, ”she confides to Sept à Huit. Laeticia Hallyday recognizes it: she had “the impression” of not being able to “love again”. “That another man touches you, that you can open your heart to another man, it seems so complicated, it is dizzying because the lack remains abysmal. “

If she is today in a relationship with Pascal Balland, she does not forget Johnny Hallyday. “We tend to compare when we should not compare. I like Pascal and Johnny differently. Johnny is still there ”. She also recognizes that her new companion is “courageous” to accept the situation. ” It is not easy. We are often a three-way couple ”.


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