“We seek to evaluate them and not remove them to put more people in,” says IPS president

Assumption, IP.- The president of the Social Security Institute (IPS), Benigno López, stated that the evaluations of contracted officials are with the intention of evaluating and not removing them to hire more people.

López met this Friday with some unions so that they themselves could be part of the evaluation committee, and even that the Public Service itself could participate in said evaluation. “All this generates transparency and credibility that in the end will give you better management,” he assured.

He clarified that “there is no cat in the bag here, there is nothing hidden, there is nothing strange, it is a simple evaluation process to see if they are really okay where they are and if not, redistribute, for example, the white personnel necessary in the IPS ”

On the other hand, he pointed out that “the intention is not to remove people to put others in, and if they have to come in, let new competent people come in if necessary and that it be within a normal and transparent process.”

He stated that he who has fulfilled his obligations has no reason to fear, while adding that “it is the responsibility of every administrator to evaluate,”

Regarding the creation of new items in the Board of Directors, he mentioned that the directors “are as responsible as I am for the decisions that are made, so they have a structure that was not in line with the functions they have, the structure already It was created by the council two years ago, what we did was update and create five positions that the chiefs of staff will do, they will analyze and help improve the decision, which will allow for better administration.

He clarified that a new structure was not created, but rather it was done based on what was already approved and that there are not 90 new positions either.

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2024-04-22 13:56:00

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