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2023-11-11 12:16:21

The movie “The Marvels” did not succeed in achieving a strong presence at the American box office during initial previews, as the movie only achieved $6.6 million, a decrease of $20.7 million from the revenues achieved by the first part of the movie in 2019, and indications are that the movie will not Its opening weekend grosses more than $55 million.

“The Marvels” is considered one of the lowest grossing films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if revenues continue to be achieved at the same current level, and it will also be lower in revenue than the films that were released during the pandemic, including “Eternals,” “Shang-Chi,” and “The Marvels.” Legend of the Ten Rings,” according to what was published by the “Collider” website.

The film was previously expected to generate revenues of up to $80 million in its opening weekend, but expectations were lowered to $60 million, days before the film was released in cinemas, especially with the continued strike of Hollywood actors, which prevented the film’s heroes from promoting the film before its release.

Critic Khalil Hanoun: The decline in The Marvels revenues exposes Disney to a severe loss

Lebanese critic Khalil Hanoun said: “When ticket sales for the new Disney movie The Marvels began, expectations were that it would gross between $70 and $80 million in its opening in the United States, but this number fell to $60 million due to the decline in demand for purchasing its tickets, and this caused concern. The big one is for Disney because the movie cost a lot, amounting to about $220 million, which exposes it to a severe loss that may be worse than the loss of The Flash movie from the DC universe.

Reasons for the film’s decline

Regarding the reasons for the decline in the film’s revenues, Hanoun explained in a post on his Facebook account: “One of the reasons for this decline is the weak popularity of superhero movies, in addition to the presence of actress Brie Larsen, who is hated by a large number of fans of the Marvel Universe of superheroes. There is a possibility that what What is happening in Gaza has influenced the decision of many to buy tickets for this movie because of Disney’s policy of supporting the occupying entity.”

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