Wear Hot Pants When Shaking TikTok, Policewoman Is Threatened With Heavy Penalties Page all

NEW YORK CITY, KOMPAS.com – one female police ( policewoman) di New York Police Department ( NYPD) threatened severe punishment, for dressing sexy when dancing TikTok.

Policewoman named Christine Galgano was only wearing the top of his uniform, and for his subordinates he wore hot pants.

The pistol also appeared to be worn around his waist, and for his footwear he wore a cowboy boots.

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Genuine ostrich… thre payments… I’m just goofin’… new boot goofin’, oh!“The music accompanied the Galgano dance that jumped and turned during the day.

Reported from New York Post Saturday (1/8/2020), the behavior of the blonde-haired policewoman seemed to violate social media policies in the NYPD.

The police department prohibited police from uploading “photos of themselves in uniforms and / or displaying official identification without permission.”

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The policy states that any activity on personal social media accounts that can be associated with NYPD members “is a reflection of the Department as a whole.”

But NYPD spokeswoman Sergeant Jessica McRorie was reluctant to say for certain whether Galgano would be disciplined.

“The incident while not on duty is being investigated and handled by the police commander,” McRorie was quoted as saying New York Post.

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In a video uploaded on March 25, Galgano described his resistance with Covid-19 on Twitter.

In another upload he said he took hydroxychloroquine, a controversial corona virus drug.

Galgano joined the NYPD in 2018. He is a fitness expert and has 11,200 followers on Instagram, as well as playing for the NYPD women’s soccer team.

New York Post try to contact him, but he hasn’t commented.

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