week of January 17 to 20 – New Woman

Find out what the stars have in store for you horoscope de Mhoni Vidente for that week, in which, in addition to your lucky magic numbers, Mhoni Vidente offers your lucky metal and stone.


You are entering a crucial period of your life, where you are being reborn in many ways and starting a new cycle of abundance for your sign. This also tells you that you are destined to lead yourself to higher levels in your work environment and above all you will be filled with new experiences that will make you stronger in your day to day life. Remember that the foundation of your fire sign is self-confidence.

Your lucky number is 6. Your day of the week: Tuesday and this day is designed to completely succeed in your work environment; As a good ram, the color red will predominate these days for your abundance. Do not say no to love, it is time to have a stable partner. Economic surprises flood your days, be careful with your health, do not be so trusting and try to protect yourself.


Starting this week, your sign will have the opportunities to grow in all the ways it wants, that is, the work and economic environment that the Taurus wants to live in the best possible way. Remember that your sign is condemned to be happy, so try not to sabotage yourself, a current of positive energies will come that will fill you with illusions to form a heritage, your optimism will always make your life opportunities come true.

A favorable time and cycle begins to fall in love and have by your side that person you want so much to share your existence. You have trips at the door and improvements in your professional level. Be careful with the betrayals of friends who are very close to you and do not neglect your health. Your lucky numbers are 1 and 29. Your day of the week: Friday. Your color of abundance is strong green.


Your personal relationships will grow and you will meet people who will help you grow more professionally and a good job opportunity will come to you thanks to a good friend who recommends you. Remember that your sign is in the cycle of great changes in your thinking and way of being, so you must be more consistent with everything you are going to do and above all remove grudges and anger that you had from your past, you are living a true stage of spiritual growth.

You must move house and decide to buy your own. They invite you to a business, try to analyze it and accept that it will go very well for you. Your lucky numbers are 11 and 23. Your day of the week will be Wednesday, this day a love surprise will come that will make you very happy. Your color: yellow, remember that luck is on your side, take it.


Crossed energies are coming and a period of turbulence in terms of work, That is why the recommendation is not to discuss and analyze twice what you are going to comment to others, you will be experiencing radical changes in all aspects of your life and more in terms of love. You must overcome any obstacle that comes your way without making any drama, with the firm mentality that you will be the winner of everything you are going to do.

You get the opportunity of a better paid job change, accept it, it will be the best for you. Your lucky numbers: 39 and 78. Your day of the week: Monday, that is, you should start these days on the right foot and focus on what you want in your life to be better. Your colors: white and silver, try to put on some silver to protect yourself from bad energies.


Luck smiles on you, so your creativity, your inspiration and your professional development will be spectacular and you will finally receive what you want so much: the proposal of having a better job and develop better in your professional field. Remember that you cannot have everything and more in your fire sign that will bring you days of love conflicts for not knowing if you want to continue with your partner or give yourself some time.

Understand that these are times of maturity and at the same time know what you need to live in peace with your romantic relationship. You get proposals to go live abroad and the trip of a lifetime. Your lucky numbers are 4 and 55. Your best day of the week will be Sunday, this indicates that you should resume your spiritual life and know that you are not alone to face your obstacles. Your color: orange, use it more these days.


Your sign will be greatly affected by crossed and revolted energies, so be careful with health problems and depression, I recommend lighting a red candle and using holy water on the back of your neck and until this negative energy passes you must stay with all a good attitude in everything you do and not fall into situations of anguish. A legal problem is resolved in your favor that will give you a lot of happiness.

you will have a lucky break with the numbers 26 and 70. The sign of Virgo is one of the most compassionate and tender of the Zodiac, due to their love of life that makes them great creative leaders and with gifts of admiration for human beauty, which is why you almost always look for true love. Your best day of the week will be Wednesday. Your colors of abundance: red and gray. Do not fall again with that love that was not for you.


This week you will have all the good luck to make positive changes in your life, your sign is in a time of energy transformation and that will help you grow more professionally, just try to get rid of bad friends who only love you for economic interest. You will receive a bonus or workers’ compensation. Don’t fight with your partner anymore, Libras always dramatize all situations.

It’s time to feel and look younger, so don’t neglect diet and exercise. You’ll have a hit with the numbers 4 and 13. In love matters, you will finally find the ideal partner. Your best day will be Friday. Your motto: “Continue with your effort that is guaranteed success”. Your colors of abundance are pink and green.


You will have a job change proposal these days, your sign is dominated by economic growth and you are going through a stage of professional prosperity. Do not ruin the good times with your partner because of jealousy and misunderstandings, remember that your character is very strong and that affects your love relationship. You will have a lucky break with the numbers 31 and 28.

Scorpios who are single will have forbidden loves, coexistence at work makes you delude yourself with your colleagues, but the worst thing you can do is get involved with engaged or married people, do not get into sentimental problems. Do not make hasty decisions and try to control your temper so that you do not have problems at work. You will be lucky in your own business; These are times of renewal, that is, getting the best out of yourself in everything you are going to do.


You will be a little upset by personal problems this week, you need to get situations from your past out of your thoughts and inject positive energy into your day to day life. You will go on a trip for work reasons. You get extra money to pay off a debt. Sagittarians are annoyed that things are not done the way they want, but it will bring you difficulties being controlling and especially of your partner, so learn to relax.

You will have exams in your school, try to be more applied in your studies. A lucky break will come to you in the lottery with the numbers 21 and 19. Your compatibility in love will be with the signs of Capricorn, Aries and Leo. Your best day of the week will be Thursday; your colors: violet and strong blue. These will be crucial days for job changes, apply yourself in your interviews and wear a red ribbon tied with three knots on your left foot.


It will be a few days full of good news related to work and new projects. Do not be overwhelmed by relationship problems, try to reach an agreement and if you cannot, it is better to give yourself some time. You will have a stroke of luck in games of chance with the numbers 7 and 30. Money arrives that you did not expect due to a debt from the past. Arrange tax paperwork or bank account. You plan a trip in March with your friends.

You will be a little upset by work situations, but you do not get involved in things that you cannot control. They will be key days to define your steps towards success, you will have a proposal to live abroad. Your best day will be Saturday; your colors of abundance: yellow and orange. Someone from Aries or Gemini will come to you with a lot of loving force.


Week of celebrations and good energies around you because your birthday is coming up. There will be days when you have mixed feelings, you will not know what to do in a matter of a love from the past, remember to let things flow and that the same destiny brings you together or separates you from that person, you do nothing. You will have a job review by your bosses, so try to put your entire work environment in order, no longer look for problems where there are none and less at work, you try to calm down and let everything happen.

You will go on a trip to visit relatives. You will have a stroke of luck with the numbers 14 and 25. You must create your own home, that is, these are times of living alone and a little apart from the family. Your best day of the week will be Saturday; your colors of abundance: strong blue and orange.


Prosperity and continuity to your life goals will be present this week, your sign has the strength to get ahead and finish any project, so don’t stress too much and you will see that you will achieve it. You will have a lucky break with the numbers 6 and 15. You are looking for a new love of the sign of Sagittarius or Cancer that will be very compatible with you, you must take new relationships more slowly so that you do not overwhelm your partner. Friends from abroad will arrive to vacation in your city.

These days have more communication with your guardian angel to guide you in matters of artistic design and languages, as this will help you grow more. Your day of the week is Tuesday; your colors: purple and red. You will make aptitude discoveries and that will make you progress professionally. A serious invitation to move house comes to you these days.


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