Wei Junsheng released the “black picture” to celebrate Lu Jue’an’s birthday and Huang Weiwen’s self-declaration that he has a relationship (14:18) – 20220121 – SHOWBIZ

MIRROR member Lu Jue’an (Edan) turned 25 today (21st), and his friend Jeffrey (Jeffrey) released Edan’s “black picture” on social platforms and the photo of him being “hit on the chest” by Edan, sending blessings to Edan. Huang Weiwen (Wyman) said with a smile to Jeffrey: “Actually, I have a bad feeling like Zhang Qu, and I have a lot of patience, but you are not familiar with it, so you don’t post😆!” A large number of netizens left messages asking Wyman to publish Edan’s “black” Picture”, called Wyman to boldly publish the photo, and pointed out that Edan actually prefers “black pictures”.

Wyman posted a photo with Edan on social media, and left a message: “Mr. E is happy! I don’t know how to buy it. Hello, can the click rate of the 4 streaming platforms in Hong Kong in 2021 be a gift? 😆 Haha, I hope it can be given every year in the future. The same gifts are the same every year. I’m talking about scare and laughter, I hope you and everyone have a sense of humor and music. Lu Sheng and I are so patient, in fact, we only met once for about 50 seconds, so we had to A set of photos.” Edan replied: “Thank you Wyman❤️❤️❤️, what a great gift 🤣🤣😘😘﹗”

In addition, a group of “Jue Shi” (nicknamed by fans) rented billboards on the outer wall of the building to send birthday wishes to their idols.

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