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Source title: Wei Qian’s single “Go Chase” was officially launched, and the passionate youth wrote the passion for dreaming


On February 14, the new generation of rapper Wei Qian’s personal original singles “Go Chase” was officially launched. “Go Chase” is an original song written, composed and sung by Wei Qianyi, produced and distributed by Feiyu Xingji (Beijing) Culture and Entertainment Co., Ltd.


“Go Chase” expresses a brave and firm attitude with a brisk rhythm. This talented and enthusiastic young man wrote his enthusiasm for chasing dreams in the most simple and straightforward way, and also wrote about his enthusiasm for the young It also conveys the feeling of growing up, and at the same time, it conveys the self-talk that wants to transcend time and space and the future. Just as the lyrics say, be strong and become a better child.

The song is co-produced by the well-known lyricist Xiao Ziqian and the CEO of Feiyu Xingji. Xiao Ziqian and Wei Qianyi also jointly completed the harmony part of this single. Many of the lyrics in the harmony part are inspired by the two of them. Chatting and communication, and in the process of recording, the cooperation between the two is also very tacit and relaxed. It has to be said that the final song effect is also very immersive for the audience. The main part of the song has the sense of story that the hot-blooded teenager wants to express, while the chorus part is full of atmosphere.


It is understood that Wei Qianyi was born in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, with a height of 182cm and a weight of 62kg. He is a contracted artist of Feiyu Xingji and the junior brother of Ma Zhe, a member of the Qi Luck Alliance Orchestra. He has liked to record the feelings of life since he was a child, and will naturally integrate his creation into his life. This energetic and enthusiastic young man wrote in the song “Go Chase” not only an agreement, but also a His sincerity and passion for music. In 2022, let us look forward to more surprises from Wei Qianyi.

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