Well-being. But why do you have bad breath?

It is not just by eating garlic that you can exhale an unpleasant smell. Bad breath has many causes, but “in 85 to 90% of cases, it is of oral origin,” explains the Health Insurance website.

“The mouth naturally contains bacteria which feed on proteins (from food, saliva, oral cells, etc.)”, continues ameli.fr.

“The degradation of proteins by bacteria releases malodorous volatile sulfur compounds (CSVs) when they are present in large quantities in the mouth. “

Since the majority of these bacteria are found in the folds that line the surface of the tongue, the tongue is often responsible for cases of bad breath.

Common causes

So, one of the most common causes of bad breath is simply poor oral hygiene, which allows odor-causing bacteria to proliferate.

According to Health Insurance, cavities, dental abscesses and certain oral infections are also relatively common causes.

The MSD manual, a guide published by Merck Laboratories, also cites smoking, as well as “certain foods and certain alcoholic beverages”.

“Bad breath isn’t caused by poor digestion, nor does it indicate how a person’s digestive system or intestines works,” the manual adds.

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