Western countries are urging Iran to continue admitting IAEA inspections

European countries and ASV warned Iran on Thursday that it would be dangerous to limit International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections and urged Tehran to return to full compliance with the 2015 nuclear pact.

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Britain, France, Germany and the United States said after talks in Paris that they were “united in emphasizing that the decision to restrict access to the IAEA is dangerous”.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Ledriane hosted British and German colleagues in Paris, while the new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, joined the talks in a videoconference.

The statement urged Iran to “consider the consequences of such a serious move, especially at this time of renewed diplomatic opportunities”.

European countries and the United States have also stated that they share a common goal of full compliance with the nuclear pact in Iran.

Iran has warned that it will restrict certain IAEA inspections from February 21 if the US does not lift the 2018 sanctions.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reiterated on Twitter on Thursday that European countries and the United States, which left the nuclear pact unilaterally during the previous White House administration, must first live up to their commitments.

“Instead of making sophisticated arguments and imposing responsibilities on Iran, the three European countries and To the European Union should fulfill its obligations and demand an end to the legacy of Trump ‘s economic terrorism against Iran, “the Minister urged.

“Our corrective action is a response to the violations of the United States and three European countries. Eliminate the cause if you are afraid of the consequences. We will respond with action,” Zarif said.

Iran informed the IAEA on Tuesday that it would no longer comply with the voluntary transparency measures of the so-called Additional Protocol.

Unrestricted access for inspectors to Iran’s nuclear facilities, based on the IAEA Additional Protocol, is part of the 2015 Vienna Nuclear Pact, which was concluded to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

If inspectors cannot gain access to Iran’s nuclear facilities, there will be virtually nothing left of the terms of the nuclear pact.

From Iran’s point of view, the agreement reached with international partners has not been respected in recent years, the Iranian president said on Wednesday. Hasans Ruhani.

“We do not want to disobey, but, as we have said on several occasions, we will fully resume our commitments as soon as others have done the same,” Ruhani said in a speech on state television.

The United States must return to the nuclear pact and lift the sanctions imposed on Iran, the president stressed.

“As soon as that happens, we will return to these conditions within a few hours. If that does not happen, we will go our own way,” Ruhani said.

Iran’s high leader Ayatollah Ali Hamenei this month spoke in favor of Iran returning to its nuclear pact commitments, but only if US sanctions were lifted first.

“Neither Americans nor Europeans have the right to demand Iran because, unlike Iran, they have not complied with their obligations under the agreement,” Hamenei said.

The Iranian Foreign Minister has previously suggested that the European Union could play a mediating role in this dispute and coordinate the process to ensure a simultaneous return of the United States and Iran to their nuclear pact commitments.

Iran has repeatedly emphasized recently that it complied with all the requirements of the nuclear deal when it was unilaterally abandoned by the then US President Donald Trump’s administration in 2018 and new economic sanctions were imposed on Iran. It was only after this US move that Iran began to deviate from its obligations under the Pact.

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