Wet Agnieszka Włodarczyk tempts with a large breasts on vacation with a new boyfriend (PHOTO)

Agnieszka Włodarczyk he has a turbulent love life. She met, among others with Rafał Kosiński, Jakub Sićko, Mikołaj Krawczyk (with whom she created the so-called astral body), a mysterious sailor named Gabriel, kitesurferem the winner Borsukiemand also z Maciej Grenda – participant of the sixth edition The Voice Of Poland.

Although none of the relationships survived, the celebrity does not intend to remain single. She once admitted that when there is no boyfriend, the sight of couples in love teases and kills her.

Agnieszka Włodarczyk at the premiere with a man. We know who he is

Fortunately, Agnieszka is not alone anymore, and she has recently managed to boast about her new boyfriend on Instagram. He is a titled athlete Robert Karaś.

The couple is just spending a romantic time vacationing together in Italy. At InstaStories Włodarczyk she boasted about picturesque views and showed her partner exercising in the gym and swimming pool.


However, the photo of Aga in a bathing suit, which he highlighted, aroused the most emotions impressive size bust of a celebrity. Internet users have a certain association.

“Pretty like Sabrina from the music video” Boys, boys, boys “”, “What a body”, “Firecracker!” – they write in the comments.

See the resemblance to Sabrina?


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