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2024-01-30 16:11:23

January 30, 2024

To relieve sore muscles or to prepare for exercise, massage rollers can be very effective. What is it about ? What are their mode of action? Do their benefits go beyond sports practice? The answers from Laurent Rousseau, member of the French Federation of Masseurs-Physiotherapists.

More or less large, more or less dense and equipped with pimples. The roller massage technique involves using a foam tube to relieve tension, pain and muscle inflammation. “ This is the self-myofascial release technique. », explains Laurent Rousseau, masseur-physiotherapist at La Flèche (Sarthe). “ Fascias are tissues located just under the skin or around the muscles, like a mille-feuille. » During trauma or after poor position, these fascia retract, causing pain. Rollers can therefore help manage discomfort by applying pressure to tense areas.

Massage rollers: what are their uses?

For the masseur-physiotherapist, massage rollers are used mainly in the field of sport and on two occasions. First, during a warm-up, by applying pressure and rolling the tool back and forth, you prepare the muscle. It can also be useful after exercise, to stimulate lymphatic drainage and flush out toxins. So, you can place the roller under your back in a lying position and move back and forth to roll it. You can also use it for all parts of the body (thighs, calves, etc.).

In fact, like any muscle massage, these rollers help relieve aches and pains, reduce muscle inflammation, increase blood flow to the muscles and most importantly, they help you relax. Some studies have also shown that they can improve joint range of motion and reduce muscle soreness.

For Laurent Rousseau, these benefits could – at least in theory – go beyond sport. By promoting circulation and thanks to a neurosensory action (endorphins are released, which contribute to well-being), this technique could potentially act on the cardiovascular system and promote quality sleep.

Finally, for the specialist, another aspect of rollers should not be neglected: that of the placebo effect. For most people, it is above all a pleasant moment which allows them to relax.

Any warnings?

« These rollers are safe to use », Launches Laurent Rousseau, before specifying that this technique which sometimes uses the weight of the body (for back massage for example) must be used appropriately among the elderly. “Do not ride directly on a joint or bone “, he specifies, “ and avoid going over scars. ” Finally, ” Even if some athletes like to hurt themselves, the roller massage should not be too painful. »

Source: Interview with Laurent Rousseau, masseur-physiotherapist at La Flèche (Sarthe) and secretary general in charge of prevention at the French Federation of masseurs-physiotherapists.

Written by: Vincent Roche – Edited by: Emmanuel Ducreuzet

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