What are the differences between puff cigarettes and e-cigarettes? – Latest News

Nowadays, there are many solutions to reduce or stop smoking, but the success of electronic cigarettes has clearly changed the game. Thanks to ever more sophisticated processes, the smoker (or the former smoker) rediscovers the sensations of smoking pleasure, but without combustion, and often without nicotine. The puff cigarette is the latest trend: it differs from electronic cigarettes thanks to several particularities.

Disposable and practical, the puff cigarette is becoming more democratic

You may already know the electronic cigarette, and you know that these devices, which are sometimes expensive and bulky, require maintenance, as well as buying parts permanently, clearomizer and e-liquids included. With the puff cigarette you lose this unpleasant aspect of the vaper, because the product is disposable after more than 300 puffs, also called puff. Whether you buy your puff cigarette in store or on the internet, you receive a discreet product that fits in your pocket and does not leak. It is therefore the ideal purchase for discreet vaping.

Puff, in English, means “puff”. A puff of tobacco, of course, except that here you are not inhaling combustible products that damage the lungs and cause irreversible diseases. Puff cigarettes contain harmless products like propylene glycol, and these substances have helped millions of smokers around the world quit traditional tobacco. The current puff cigarettes are devoid of nicotine, which means that you do not maintain your nicotine addiction by choosing this product.

You’ll find just under a dozen flavors in puff cigarettes, with popular flavors like Tobacco, Pina Colada, Mint, Blueberry, Champagne, Apple, and Cappuccino. With flavors like this, sweet and fruity, bad tobacco breath is a distant memory and you’ll even release a scent your loved ones might appreciate. With a fairly moderate vapor ratio, you’re not likely to fill the room like with ever more powerful electronic vapers.

With such qualities, it is normal to be tempted by puff cigarettes and the many benefits they provide. With their weight of 16 grams and their absence of refills, puff cigarettes are your ally to stop or reduce your tobacco consumption, with very soft prices which do not dent your budget!

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