“What did you want, you are already 40!” Why only a bad doctor can attribute ailments to age

Another patient, a woman in her 60s, admitted that she had some urinary incontinence problems, however, her gynecologist stated that the reason for this is age-related muscle weakness. In addition, the expert did not recommend kegel exercises, She didn’t even send me for further testing.

A similar case occurred in a 65-year-old women with osteoporosis. The disease was diagnosed, but no one prescribed treatment for her – they say, it’s just “age”. Meanwhile, delay in this matter is costly: as long as there is no therapy, bone density decreases, and the risk of fractures increases.

Therefore, the doctor emphasizes, there are no age norms in matters of health. Although not all diseases can be cured forever, however, if your doctor ignores complaints and writes off high levels of sugar, cholesterol, hypertension for age, it makes sense to look for another specialist.

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