What foreign cars can be bought at the price of a new Lada Vesta – review – 10 June 2023

2023-06-10 02:32:49

The price of the most affordable Lada Vesta recommended by AVTOVAZ is 1.24 million rubles: for this money we get a sedan in white with 90 strong engine, manual gearbox and good equipment: two pillows, ABS, air conditioning, ERA-GLONASS system, full disc brakes, LED headlights, on-board computer, electric power steering, power windows, electric drive and heated mirrors. At the same time, there is no radio, parking sensors and heated seats, and the stabilization system and automatic transmissions are not yet available in principle. 16-valve versions are noticeably more expensive: from 1.34 mln rubles. And the most affordable Vesta with a multimedia system and heated seats costs 1.401 mln rubles. Let’s also not forget that dealers are already winding up order 100-150 thousand rubles due to additional equipment.

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