What is the “Action” button that could equip the future iPhone 15?

2023-07-28 14:43:00

The iPhone 15 could lose its physical buttons for their tactile equivalents and also have a programmable button called “Action”. A function that would be added to the other new features recently described by Futura.

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While the robot portrait of the iPhoneiPhone 15 is refined with the reinforcement of leaks and rumors, here is a new detail that should adorn the smartphone from AppleApple. Leaks that often come from the many suppliers of the brand. Instead of the “silent” button, depending on MacRumorsthe brand could implement a button called “Action”.

It would be roughly the equivalent of the button found on the Apple Watch Ultra and which allows you to associate the button with a function that you want to activate quickly. It could then make it possible to launch the camera, or to turn on the torch or any other function of the mobile. The iOSiOS 17 code would have been modified accordingly to accommodate this new button. Furthermore, all physical buttons should be replaced by tactile buttons with haptic feedback to simulate the equivalent of pressing a physical button.

Periscope, hybrid lens, battery…: the future iPhone 15 should look like this

The iPhone 15 is supposed to be unveiled in September, but it’s hard for Apple to keep its new stuff a secret. With rumors and leaks available, Futura can already paint a picture of Apple’s new smartphone.

Article by Sylvain BigetSylvain Biget, published on July 27, 2023

While the release of the iPhone is scheduled for September, rumors are multiplying around the new features it will integrate. Most of the leaks come from vendors, some of whom end up leaking information. Thus, we already know that the mobile will be available in four versions with two 6.1-inch iPhones (standard and Pro) and two other 6.7-inch (Max and Max Pro) with a Plus and Pro version. Until now, nothing new. On the other hand, it seems certain that the Lightning socket will disappear in favor of USB-C. If Apple offers ThunderboltThunderbolt 3 support for iPhone 15 Pro models, data transfer speeds could reach 40 Gbps.

At the heart of the telephone, the modemmodem will not be homemade. It will be a Qualcomm chip. There is also a UWB chip provided to associate the Vision Pro helmet with the iPhone. An update to the A16 processor found in current iPhone 14 Pros will be performed on the standard model standard model. On the other hand, the Pro versions will use the new A17 chips with their engraving in 3 nanometers for more energy efficiency. As another asset, in addition to the Dynamic Island module, the iPhone 15 should be equipped with a chip optimizing the display of the OLED screen to drain less energy and extend the autonomy of the mobile. On the other hand, the ProMotion dynamic refresh technology will remain reserved for pro models. On the aesthetic side, the Pro models could benefit from titanium titanium frames and they should be thinner and more curved than the current versions. The standard version will look like the current model.

A periscope for a powerful optical zoom

As for the photo module, the big novelty will be reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It should have a periscope-type lens to increase the optical zoom capability. It will allow him to obtain an optical magnification of up to 10x or at least 5x. Apple is far from being the first to adopt such a process. SamsungSamsung and other Chinese manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, have already released smartphones equipped with this technology.

For the other modules, the iPhone 15 will have a glass-plastic hybrid lens with an f/1.7 aperture. Hybrid, because the lens would have one lenslens in glass and six others in plasticplastic. The sensorssensors would be the flagships of Sony. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are expected to adopt the 48-megapixel camera that is already found today.

As for the battery, there may well be something new. Already at the level of recharging, the iPhone 15 will support both MagSafeMagSafe and the new Qi2 standard which recharges in 15 W from third-party accessories. Battery technology, known as the “stacked” type found on electric vehicles, would give it a higher capacity and better longevity.

As for prices, they should be roughly equivalent to today’s for the standard model; on the other hand, the prices of the Pro and Pro Max models could well inflate.

As iPhone 15 rumors pile up, some elements of the sketch of its 2024 successor are starting to arrive. Thus, we are already talking about the integration under the screen of Face ID Face ID technology for the iPhone 16 and a 5G5G modem designed by Apple.

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