What is the most consumed meat in Latin America?

(CNN Español) — The crisis in the supply chain has impacted multiple sectors and products around the world, including food and specifically meat.

Caused by the economic constraints of the covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain crisis has created shortages and a price increase.

Some of the items most affected by the situation range from airplanes and artificial Christmas trees, to toys, shoes and meat.

Despite this situation, meat continues to be highly consumed in various regions, including Latin America.

On “OECD ‑ FAO Agricultural Outlook 2021‑2030“You can see the meat consumption estimates for 2021 in seven Latin countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru.

The OECD-FAO Outlook provides data on per capita consumption of beef, pork, poultry and sheep. When downloading these data, it is possible to notice the large consumption of beef that some of these countries have, while others opt largely for poultry.

In the case of Argentina, per capita consumption indicates that people eat little pork compared to their consumption of beef and poultry.

On the other hand, Chile eats a lot of meat of all types, except sheep. In general, the seven countries mentioned eat little sheep (the one that eats this meat the most is Peru, with an estimate of 1 kilogram per person).

In Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Peru they eat a lot of bird. The difference is abysmal with the other types of meat. Only in the case of Peru, it is more than 46 kg per person, compared to 4 kg of beef and 4 kg of pork (both per capita).

Of the seven Latin countries, Paraguay is the only one that consumes more pork than beef, poultry and sheep: it is estimated that each person eats more than 21 kg of pork; second is beef, with 12 kg per capita.

Next, we present a graph where you can see which meat each person consumes the most in these countries, according to OECD-FAO data.

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