What is the origin and meaning of the trend “carelessness Come Joy”?

MEXICO.— The phrase “neglect Come Joy” has become one of the themes trend de TikTok, But there have been several social media users who have admitted not knowing the origin and/or its meaning.

Here we tell you in detail what the new viral trend on TikTokwhich has caused several to wonder what this play on words that some users have used in their videos refers to.

What is the origin of the “carelessness Venga la Alegría” trend that invades TikTok?

Although when listening “neglect Come Joy” many people have associated the phrase with the Azteca TV showFor many, there is no “logical” explanation for this trend on TikTok.

But it is worth noting that the topic or hashtag (“neglect Come Joy”) emerged years ago.

When netizens began to search social networks, especially on YouTube, videos of “funny” falls or “carelessness”that the drivers of the morning show they had had.

The strange thing or what is not known is how as a result of these searches, users decided to associate those videos with those of TikTok. However, the word has migrated to said platform and has even become a trend.

And not only that, they also write it in comments on videos of other content creators, who have also been confused, since your clips have nothing to do with it with that phrase.

As expected, this trend has given rise to the creation of memes using the phrase: “neglect Come Joy” or inspired by it.

Despite the confusion that is trend but TikTok has generated, more and more users are joining the trend despite not knowing if they are using it correctly.

What is Come Joy?

It is a morning magazine program produced by Tv Azteca. Its transmission is aimed at all audiences, and it covers topics such as: shows, summaries of soap operas or reality shows on the channel, cooking, beauty, sexuality, games, humor, among others.

At the moment Come the Joy It is hosted by Sergio Sepúlveda, Patricio Borghetti, Kristal Silva, ‘El Capi’ Pérez, Mauricio Barcelata, Luz Elena González, Jimena Longoria, Enrique Mayagoitia and Flor Rubio.

However, last year its staff of presenters went through several changes.

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