What is the price of a car at 3.6 billion VND?

2023-06-01 01:30:00

At the “Great Wall Cup” world arowana championship held recently in Guangzhou by the China Fisheries Association, a fish arowana fish sold for 1.08 million yuan (more than 3.6 billion). Photo: ChipsThe incident caused a stir among netizens. Some people think that this price is equivalent to the salary of an employee who has worked for decades, or the price of a house, even a supercar. Photo: ChipsIn fact, 3.6 billion is not the price of an arowana. In 2018, someone once spent 300,000 USD (more than 7 billion VND, more expensive than Lamborghini supercars) to own a child platinum arowana. Ảnh: Aquascape GuruArowanas belong to the freshwater bony fish family, native mainly to Asia but can be found in both South America and Australia. Photo: GettyThe reason why arowana fish has such a high price is because of its luxurious and noble shape. Arowana’s body is elongated and slender, with large, shiny coin-shaped scales, wavy like dragons. Photo: GettyThe difference of arowana is the change in color from when the fish is young to adult. The whole body of the fish is bright red, the scales on the whole body are even, beautiful iridescent. Photo: GettyIn particular, arowanas can be up to 90 cm long and live up to 50 years. Photo: GettyOne more reason why arowana fish is expensive It is very difficult to reproduce. Some species of arowana are even listed as endangered.Besides, arowana fish is also said to bring luck and prosperity to the owner. Photo: GettyProtected by the Endangered Species Act, the Asian arowana is almost extinct in the wild. In 1975, 183 countries signed a treaty that classified it as a rare species and banned international trade. Today, arowanas cannot legally be brought into the US. Photo: GettyWith a high value, arowanas are often “watched” by thieves. Singapore – one of the places with the lowest crime rate in the world has had 4 arowana thefts in just one week. Photo: LazadaVideo: Raising arowana fish, a symbol of wealth and luck. Source: Sports

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