What is the sacred Ohel of Judaism that Javier Milei will visit to thank him for his victory?

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He Ohellocated at 226 Francis Lewis Boulevard in Queens, in NY, is a sacred site for world Judaism. There are the mortal remains of the sixth Lubavitch Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneersohn, and also those of his son-in-law, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, seventh leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic dynasty, who was buried on 3 of Tammuz, 5754 (June 12, 1994).

The site is not only a sacred destination for Judaism but for many distinguished personalities and world leaders of other faiths who, for some special reason, came to the place. This was the case in the case of American presidents John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter, also visited the Queens Ohel, a few days after the victory that led to his father to the White House.

Javier Milei travels to the United States: visit to the grave of a rabbi, meetings in Washington and the possible presence of Caputo

And now it will too Javier Mileyprivately, precisely for thank you for your electoral victory of last November 19.

Before the elections in Argentina, Javier Milei has already been to the Jewish cemetery in Queens where the Ohel is located, after becoming internalized in the study of the Torah, with Hasidism that bears the seal and divine essence of the Lubavitch Rebbe. That is why one of his first acts will be to travel on November 26 to thank the Rebbe at his grave.

To know the mystique and history of Ohel and the Lubavitch Rebbe, we interviewed Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, general director of Chabad Argentina and one of the most important men in the organization, to which is added his very personal relationship with the Rebbe during his years of study and rabbinical work in Brooklyn.

“As the Sulchan Aruch says, (code of laws) the place where a person has been buried tzadik (just man), it is a sacred place. This allows the prayer that is said in that place to be with more holiness, to be accompanied by a feeling of introspection and spiritual elevation and of teshuva (repentance). In turn, the merit of tzadik (just) that is buried there, support the requests people are making. That’s basically the concept of going to the places where the tzadikim(righteous men) because they are at levels where one seeks and finds the personal inspiration of being close to the kedusha (holiness) of the tzadik, not only for the prayer that one is going to do, but also for the effect that this has on your person, then the tzadikit elevates him, even more so if that tzadik was one’s teacher, that elevates that person and his soul even more.

Milei and his relationship with Judaism: “fanaticism” for the Jewish people, daily reading of the Torah and promises with Israel

-Why was the Lubavitch Rebbe so important in this generation?

– Let us clarify that we Jews usually visit tombs of great Righteous people in various places in the world, but our Rebbe was a tzadik (righteous) who had a spectrum of action that reached all Jews, I am referring to the most learned Jew in Torah study, to the highest, to great rabbis and authorities of the world of Torah, all of them were in some way inspired and influenced by his advice, his vision, his path and his perspective. In turn, the “Rebbe” even took care of a distant and somewhat lost Jewish child. That is to say, the Rebbe took care of the entire Jewish world, literally reaching into the most remote places and carrying there the vibrant and luminous message of the Torah, building communities and strengthening and uplifting the Jews, enriching them with their own heritage, and also reaching out. to Jews who were totally lost in their faith, who had even left the framework of their faith, even adhering to a foreign religion. Then the Rebbe tried to reach out to him with love and affection to get him back. The Rebbe had a global impact on all levels of Jewish life, education and social aid.

-Let’s talk about the Rebbe’s Ohel in New York, where Javier Milei will return. For those who don’t know, Torah is studied there before entering and the custom of writing requests and thanks and then taking them and leaving them at the tomb.

-For everyone who visits the Ohel it is a moment of spiritual elevation. So you have to connect with the moment. Even more so when one goes to seek the merit, inspiration or blessing of a tzadik, (just) it is good to have a connection with something that that tzadik taught us, that is why it is studied. There, the connection with the tzadik is greater, so that he also asks for one. So that his merit supports him in us and embraces each one of us. Although I say again, this is not a condition, this is to deepen that moment of being in such a sacred place, such as the place where a righteous person, a tzadik, is buried.

Before the elections, Milei visited the grave of the influential rabbi “the Lubavitc Rebbe” in the United States

“It was in a meeting with President Bill Clinton or President George Bush, that an event was held in honor of the Rebbe, which took place in the Oval Room of the White House. There, the president assured that the Rebbe had an impact special, a unique influence beyond the Jewish community about the United States and its people. To dimension what I say, every year, on Education Day in the United States, there is a presidential proclamation endorsed by both houses of Congress, that it is also a day in honor of the Rebbe, basically because of the influence he had on the education of all Americans. There are countless situations where the Rebbe cared for non-Jews, supporting them and seeking how he could help them. Even There were many non-Jews who received the Rebbe’s blessing on personal issues, such as those who could not have children and others who ended up being presidents. So that made the name of the Rebbe go beyond what are the limits of the border of the Jewish community. “It is normal to see the black cars of non-Jewish politicians going to thank or ask,” continues Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, general director of Chabad Argentina.

“Milei does not represent us”: harsh criticism from intellectuals and leaders of the Jewish community

There are great photos in 770, where the Chabad headquarters is. You see people of all kinds who have been able to see the Rebbe, and the famous dollar that he gave to everyone.

-During all the years of the Rebbe’s leadership, people came to see him for advice. After the last 10 years or so there, the Rebbe already stopped private meetings, because he did not want to make differences. In the last six years of his life, there he began to receive people on Sundays who came to ask for a blessing and he revealed the blessing and gave them a dollar to be given in charity to the person he wanted, and that person even He would add to that dollar a dollar of his own money. People stood in long lines to see it, they went and the truth is that it was only a couple of seconds that one could stay, but it elevated one, inspired one, illuminated one, gave one strength, it took one out of the place where one was. Sometimes people also took the opportunity to ask a very presumptuous question, and the Rebbe would answer two or three words and that’s why people went. There are many people, including non-Jews, who went and were inspired by that moment and, of course, took the famous dollar that many currently treasure and jealously guard.

“On Sundays, people would ask the Rebbe for a blessing and he would give them a dollar to be given in charity to the person they wanted.”

-People may not know 770 Eastern Parkway Avenue (Brooklyn, New York), which is like the headquarters of Chabad. Why so much mystique also in that place and that synagogue that is so special?

-That’s right, because the Rebbe’s message, the Rebbe’s inspiration, continues through his teachings, his books, thousands of hours of video and audio. The Rebbe is really so present, people want to connect, visit and perhaps study in those spaces where the Rebbe acted, beyond the fact that the Rebbe was a mystic, in the place where a tzadik acts there is the energy of the soul of the tzadik, which It remains there in that place.

-In recent months, the elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, commented on his experience visiting the Ohel and promises to travel during these hours to say thank you.

-That’s right, Milei was at the Rebbe’s tomb and countless politicians from all political spaces did too. It has nothing to do with a line, nor with any party, this is a personal question, of personal inspiration in the face of the greatness of a man so stripped of himself and dedicated to the service of God, the community, the Jewish people and the all humanity. Then he goes further and those who really want to receive inspiration and a blessing from this tzadik go and visit him.

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