What the WhatsApp flag means and what it is for

2023-10-27 22:25:50

The WhatsApp application constantly innovates to bring the latest technology to all its users. In this way, the messaging leader has one of the More useful features for those who don’t want to lose their chats.

On the other hand, the messaging service also hides some very useful functions like WhatsApp for left-handed people. You can activate it by following a series of specific steps.

What does the flag icon mean in WhatsApp

A flag-shaped icon allows users to select the messages they want to keep long-term. These Saved messages will be identified with a marker in the chat conversation and they will be able be reviewed again in the folder called “Preserved Messages”where they will be organized according to their category.

The preserved messages feature only appears in conversations or chats that tend to disappear in 24 hours, a day or up to 7 days.

How to activate the WhatsApp flag

First make sure WhatsApp is updated. To do so, go to the profile and select the “Manage applications and devices” option. Then check if there are any pending updates. Open the application and access any conversation.

Then hold Press and hold a message or file until it is highlighted. It will be noted that the flag icon will not appear at the topsince you must previously enable the temporary messages function.

To do this, you must Click on the name of the contact or group, Scroll down, select “Temporary Messages” and choose one of the available options. You should take into account that This function It will only apply to messages you send or receive after activating it.

Once you have activated temporary messages, Tap the text, image, or video again to bring up the flag icon. When this happens, you must press it and the message It will not be automatically deleted after the specified deletion time has passed..

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