What type of terrace should you choose?

2024-04-21 22:00:00

Wooden terraces

THE wooden terraces are arguably one of the most popular choices. They are valued for their natural appearance and their ability to blend harmoniously into any landscape environment. A wooden deck offers an unparalleled feeling of warmth and can be constructed from different types of wood such as pine, cedar, teak, cumaru and many others. THE wooden terraces are also fairly easy to maintain, although much of this depends on the type of wood you choose.

Tiled terraces

If you’re looking for a durable, weather-resistant and easy-to-clean option, a tiled patio could be just what you need. This type of decking stands up well to the wear and tear of time and is available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. You can even find tiles that mimic the look of wood, stone, or concrete.

Composite terraces

Composite decking is another option to consider. Made of wood fibers and recycled plastics, these terraces are an ecological alternative to other materials. They are durable, rot resistant, insect resistant and require virtually no maintenance, making them very attractive to many homeowners.

Concrete terraces

Finally, concrete patios are another option for those looking for extreme durability. This type of decking is able to withstand the harshest conditions and offers great flexibility in terms of design. Concrete decking has long had a bad rap, and yet: with the proper use of colorants and finishing techniques, a concrete decking can be transformed into an attractive, personalized surface.

Terrace: the criteria that influence your choice

Choosing the ideal terrace for your home involves considering several essential criteria which influence not only the aesthetic appearance but also the functionality of the outdoor space:

  • The orientation of the terrace: a south-facing terrace enjoys maximum sunlight, ideal for sun lovers, while an east or west orientation allows you to enjoy the sun at specific times of the day.

  • The size of the terrace: it must be adapted to the intended use; a large terrace can accommodate outdoor receptions, while a small one is sufficient for a more intimate relaxation area.

  • The choice of materials: it is also decisive, not only for aesthetics, but also for durability and maintenance. Materials such as wood, natural stone or composite each offer advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, maintenance, and ecological impact.

  • Le budget: this is of course a non-negligible criterion; it influences the choice of materials, the size of the terrace, and any additional features such as integrated lighting systems or outdoor heaters. Thinking carefully about these aspects will help you create a deck that not only meets your needs but also improves the curb appeal and value of your property.

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