Whatsapp launches “Communities”: how the new way of grouping different chat groups will work | He also announced the incorporation of reactions with emojis

The courier service WhatsApp released this Thursdaycommunities”, a new feature that will bring together different groups under the same structureplus announced the incorporation of reactions with emojis for messages exchanged in conversations.

According to the service belonging to the company Meta (formerly Facebook), the new features will roll out over the next few weeksand will include news in the groups such as the sending of files of 2GB and voice calls with up to 32 people.

“Schools, local clubs and nonprofits use WhatsApp to communicate securely and get results, especially since the pandemic has forced us all to find creative ways to work together remotely. With the outpouring of feedback we’ve received , cwe believe we can do even more to make managing these busy group conversations easier“, they argued from WhatsApp about these new facilities.

“Communities” will allow people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella. With this new functionality, you will be able to receive updates sent to the entire Community and organize smaller discussion groups.

At the center of each Community there will be a description and menu of groups that people can choose to joinwhile allowing you to create a structure for conversations between larger and more complex groups.


On the other hand, one of the most relevant improvements will be the incorporation of the “reactions” to the messages sentjust as it happens in Instagram and Facebook Messenger chats.

The main objective is that people can quickly share their opinion without overloading chats with new messages.

Meanwhile, the possibility of sharing 2GB files will also be enabled, and the option for group administrators to eliminate “erroneous or abusive” messages.

Another of the introductions will be voice calls to talk to up to 32 people, which will have a renewed design.

WhatsApp clarified that “the Communities are inherently private”, so it will continue to “protect messages with end-to-end encryption”.

“While other applications are creating chats for hundreds of thousands of people, we have decided to focus on supporting the groups that are part of our daily lives. Communities on WhatsApp are just beginning and one of our goals is to continue creating new features to support them. throughout the year. We are very excited to bring Communities into the hands of people, “they closed from the application.

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