WhatsApp should soon add a long-awaited feature

Whatsapp expands the ability to transfer chats from one operating system to another.

The WhatsApp application already allows transferring chats from iOS to Samsung or Pixel devices, but the reverse is not yet possible. But the upcoming WhatsApp iOS beta should change that.

Import chat history from Android

WhatsApp users can back up their chat history. However, it is only possible to recover these backups from the same platform. So users migrating from one operating system to another have no official way to import their important messages… Good news, the team at WABetaInfo spotted a new WhatsApp iOS 22.2.74 beta that could be a game-changer.

“WhatsApp has just submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta program, bringing the version up to 22.2.74. The version listed in WhatsApp settings is”, indicates WABetaInfo. The latest beta version of the platform offers the ability to migrate chat history from iOS to Samsung devices. Likewise, it will be possible to transfer chat history from Android to iOS.

Move to iOS app required

Before starting the process, WhatsApp will ask the user for permission to import chat history. Also, the WhatsApp app alone might not be enough to take advantage of this new feature. Indeed, WABetaInfo specifies that the Move to iOS application will be essential to migrate your chat history.

WABetaInfo website illustration screenshot.

This feature is currently unavailable and will take some time to reach end users. Indeed, according to WABetaInfo’s analysis, beta testers do not yet have access to the experience. Likewise, the supported operating systems are still unknown.

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