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2023-06-08 15:49:27

The damaging link of WhatsApp It’s been nicknamed the “death link,” while not as extreme as it might sound, it’s not quite comparable to the dreaded Windows “blue screen.” The creators of the app urge users to refrain from sending this link as, according to various reports, it may hang the system and require a restart of the app.

The URL in question is “wa.me/settings”. Typically, the address will send users to the configuration page of WhatsAppbut the link redirects to an individual or group chat, at which point the service stops operating.

When the app is restarted, it appears to work normally again until users try to open the chat containing the link.

Reports suggest that the failure of WhatsApp it happens more regularly on devices with Android operating system. Users of the desktop version and iOS have not been aware of the problem.

The technical error, identified on Twitter by @pandyaMayur11, has become popular on the Internet, so there is no shortage of “pranksters” who want to take advantage of their victims’ ignorance to block the application.

What to do if I have been a victim of the “Death Link”?

The recommendation is to open the WhatsApp account from PC and ask the user who sent the message to delete it. Keep in mind that you won’t lose data or anything about your conversations in the application, just that the experience of restarting the app for this type of activity ends up being annoying.

The links you should never open on WhatsApp

anonymous link: don’t open links sent by people you don’t know or trust. These links can be dangerous and lead to malicious websites or contain malware.

short links: shortened links, such as those created by services like Bitly or TinyURL, can hide the actual URL. If you don’t trust the source of the shortened link, it’s better not to open it.

Suspicious phishing links: Beware of links that appear to come from reputable services, such as banks, online stores, or online sites, but ask for important or personal information. Perhaps these links are trying to steal your information.

Recommended links: If you receive a promotional link that seems too good to be true, such as excessive sales or surprise offers, it may be a scam. Do not open these links and check the authenticity of the ad directly from the official website of the company.

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