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The European Erasmus program celebrates its 34th anniversary. In France, 600,000 students voted for this immersion abroad. The program also allows the training of apprentices.

In 34 years, dozens of young Europeans, students and apprentices alike, have been able to taste the sweet life Italian thanks to the Erasmus program. In a neighborhood market in Rome (Italy), Alessandro, butcher, welcomed a Frenchman from Niort (Deux-Sèvres) for the first time. Matheo Chamare, in the 2nd year of CAP butcher’s, has been on an internship for a week in the shop and he enjoys it. At 17, he spent the very first time abroad without his parents. For 15 days, thanks to Erasmus, he works in Rome to learn local cutting techniques.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know the words, speaking Italian is also done with the hands. Matheo is already thinking of reproducing the techniques learned in France, without forgetting to pass on his own. “I learn a lot from them and they also learn a lot from me. I made them a spider beef, they let me cook it and I gave it to customers to taste it.”, he explains. For his boss, the experience is just as significant.

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