“When Bavaria weakens …”: Club bosses have been embarrassing each other for years

BVB loses in Gladbach, Leipzig is defeated by Mainz and Leverkusen affords a home bankruptcy against the “Wolves”. Three championship aspirants fail at the start of the second half of the season – and FC Bayern mercilessly exploited that with a safe 4-0 win over Schalke and distanced the competition in the title fight.

The procedure should actually work the other way around – at least according to the Bayern followers. They want to prevent Bayern dominance and have been preaching the same sentence for almost a decade, which in retrospect – especially after the start of the second half – can only be smiled at.

Ex-Schalke manager Heldt: “When Bayern weakens …”

In 2013, Horst Heldt, the manager of the Royal Blues at the time, took the S04 players into account: “If Bayern is weak, Schalke must be there.” His motivating words had no effect, the Bavarians got the bowl.

In 2014, the Gladbachers believed they were pursuing Bayern, which is why sports director Max Eberl tried to put pressure on the Munich team: “You’re desperately looking for a Bayern hunter. When others are weak, we want to try to be there.” Vain. His attempt was also unsuccessful. Bayern became champions again.

Next in line? Hans-Joachim Watzke! “We want to be there when Bayern are weak,” said Borussia Dortmund’s managing director in the summer of 2015. Three years later, he affirmed: “If Bayern weak once, we will grab them again.” In both years, BVB did not grab Bayern – the bowl went back to Munich.

Allofs, Schmidt and Nagelsmann also line up

This is followed by ex-Wolfsburg manager Klaus Allofs (2015 – “If Bayern weakens, we have to be there“), Ex-Leverkusen-Trainer Roger Schmidt (2016 – “It would be a shame if we weren’t there if Bayern were to falter“) and RB coach Julian Nagelsmann (2019 -“If Bayern are weak, we have to be there“). But Wolfsburg, Leverkusen and Leipzig weren’t there either – Bayern were always at the top in the end.

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The same sentence for almost a decade – the same result for almost a decade. You can only smile at the usual slogan of the Bayern pursuers – especially after the last Bundesliga matchday.

All those who wanted to “be there” again (BVB, Leverkusen, Leipzig) failed, and those who hopefully “weakened” (Bavaria) at some point were there again. Who will be the next to dare to utter the infamous words?

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