when conspirators attack the UN

2023-06-06 16:21:43

Disease X mentioned by the World Health Organization in a WHO list of “priority diseases” has fueled the conspiratorial machine in recent days, reviving an old fantasy: the UN is just a “government”. who is working to establish a “new world order”.

“Mysterious Disease X: what is the WHO really up to?”, wondered Florian Philippot, president of the Les Patriotes party in a video posted on YouTube on May 27. Enough to revive conspiracy theories about the World Health Organization, and more broadly about the United Nations.

Indeed, disease X is on a list that “aims to identify which diseases represent a risk to public health because of their epidemic potential and for which there is no, or not enough, existing treatment”. Thus, we find on this list the Covid-19, the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, the Ebola virus or even Zika. And, in the last position, disease X, which designates nothing other than a potential epidemic which would be caused by a pathogenic agent currently unknown and harmful to human health. It was included on the list to ensure that the international health community is prepared to tackle all forms of threats, including unpredictable threats. So for the sake of caution rather than a desire to scare.

From Bill Gates to the sexualization of children

The WHO is regularly in the crosshairs of the complosphere. Many also claim that the organization is corrupt because it is, according to them, owned by billionaire Bill Gates, with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation being the second largest contributor to the WHO budget. The founder of Microsoft has himself been the target of rumors, as early as 2020, such as that in particular that he would seek to implant a chip under the skin of people during vaccination to trace the population.

Another false information, broadcast on social networks, at the end of May, “the UN and the WHO want to sexualize children by offering sex education workshops from the earliest childhood.” On March 8, a set of legal principles aimed at better applying human rights in criminal law concerning sexual behavior, drugs, HIV, reproductive and sexual health, or poverty. “The rumor that has been circulating for a few weeks is the idea that the UN would recommend the decriminalization of sexual relations with minors, therefore the decriminalization of pedophilia, it is totally false”explains Rudy Reichstadt who comes back to this intox.

In this episode, Tristan Mendès France and Rudy Reichstadt also return to the fantasies around the UN, an instrument for the establishment of the “new world order” according to the complosphere. “The UN would seek to dissolve the authorities of the planet”according to Tristan Mendes France.

“From disease X to the “new world order”: when conspirators attack the UN”, this is the 49th episode of Complorama with Rudy Reichstadt, director of Conspiracy Watch, and Tristan Mendès France, lecturer and member of the observatory of conspiracy, specialist in digital cultures. A podcast to be found on the franceinfo site, the Radio France application and several other platforms such as Apple podcasts, Podcast Addict, Spotify, or Deezer.

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