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When does winter start 2021

There are only a few weeks left for a new change of season and thus start the traditionally colder months of the year. The Northern Hemisphere prepares for the Winter Solstice that, on this occasion, the Tuesday, December 21. To be more exact, the winter season will begin at 15:59 UTC (one hour less in the Canary Islands), according to data from the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN). On that day, there will be the longest night of the year and the shortest day and, officially and astronomically, the winter will be inaugurated, which will last until Sunday, March 20, 2022, when the spring equinox arrives.

The beginning of winter can occur on four different calendar dates between December 20 and 23, but throughout the 21st century, the solstice in Spain always occurs between December 20 and 22. The fact that it corresponds to the shortest day and the longest night of the year It is explained because, in this case, the northern hemisphere is very far from the Sun in terms of the axis and there is an imbalance of hours between day and night, so that there are more hours of darkness than of light.

Last showers of stars of the year

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In addition to the fact that the mercury in the thermometer collapses at this time of year, this time of year has interesting astronomical phenomena. Before the end of the year there will be two meteor showers, the Geminids and the Ursids. The rain of Geminids will reach its maximum splendor between the December 13 and 14. Meteorites will radiate from the constellation Gemini, but they can appear anywhere in the sky.

The rain of Úrsidas will take place between December 21 and 22. This small shower produces between 5 and 10 meteors per hour and is generated by the grains of dust left by Comet Tuttle.


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