When Jean Graton told Michel Vaillant, “superstar of the wheel”

SOUVENIRS – Few years ago Le Figaro had visited in his Brussels workshop one of the last giants of the golden age of Franco-Belgian comics, who died Thursday at the age of 97.

«Vrooaw! »,« Roooaaooo »,« Rooaap! » and “Iiiiii”: in a few onomatopoeias reminiscent of a Gainsbourg refrain, the designer Jean Graton knew how to propel us into the world of Michel Vaillant, intrepid paper pilot created in 1956 and become for several generations “More than a hero, a true friend, strong, loyal and courageous”. Alas, Jean Graton is no more. This great designer from the golden age of Franco-Belgian comics died on January 21, 2021, at the age of 97, in Brussels, surrounded by his family.

In the Brussels studio of Jean Graton and his son Philippe, official screenwriter of the series since 1994 (with the album The Jade Trail, n ° 57), the atmosphere imbued with serenity contrasted with the furia of the roaring boards that have been found in albums since its creation on February 7, 1957.

Patriarch moving with a cane, Jean Graton never stopped wanting to pass on the torch of his character as a racing driver

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