“When my son told me he was gay, I hugged him”: Keitel’s emotional family testimony | sports

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Sebastian Keitel He is a true legend of Chilean sports. His marks on the track and the poster of having followed at the time ‘the fastest target in the world’ support this.

His achievements led him to be recognized by Chilean society in general and, surely, that also served so that he is now fulfilling tasks in another function, that of deputy.

In this new role, Keitel has tried to shine in search of social equality. That at least she assured in an interview with Las ltimas Noticias, where she revealed an emotional family testimony that influences her struggle day by day: the homosexuality of her son, also called Sebastián.

“Life also gave me the gift of having my son and I will always accompany him in the search for his happiness. Sebastián is no different, he is the same as my other three daughters. It is a nice gift from life. He is going to be 24 years old, he makes his own decisions and I will always accompany him ”, commented the former athlete.

“I’m proud of him. We will always go ahead in good times and in bad because we are partners. When he told me he was gay, I hugged him. I said ‘cool, Tatán, come here and let’s move forward’ “, he remembered. The parliamentarian, who was in favor of homoparental adoption, also took time to talk about discrimination against sexual minorities: “There will always be people who discriminate. And that also happens even in countries more culturally advanced than us.” . “In any case, the idea of ​​forming a Chile that does not discriminate neither because of religion, nor because of skin color, nor because of sexual choice is always present … I am very convinced of ending discrimination and inequalities in this country. We need to unite and a good way to unite is precisely by ending all kinds of discrimination, “he added. In the same vein, Keitel emphasized the “very present” of homosexuality in Chilean society: “I was trained since I was 17 years old and shared with all kinds of people, of different races, religions and social strata. There is a lot of homosexuality in high performance and between us we are all peers, “he said. “We must have a law that gives equal rights for all citizens, regardless of their sexual choice,” he concluded. Note that the deputy himself shared the note on his Social Networks, where he highlighted: “PROUD OF MY SON @tatankeitel, I am convinced that we must end discrimination and inequalities in our country.”


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