When will the wedding season open? Scientific Committee Member gave history

Coronavirus Ministry of Health Sciences Board Member Professor Selected Ozkan, CNN Turk in Virgo to answer questions about the programs offered by the Circle of Reason Sengul in Turkey normalization steps.

“When will the wedding season be opened?” Professor who answered the question Dr. Özkan, “8th week of the normalization calendar, that is, after July 11, such mass wedding organizations can be held. Mask, hygiene and social distance rule should be followed while these are being made. However, all of these statements are based on numbers”.

Professor Dr. Seçil Özkan continued as follows:

“We basically talked about this in the Scientific Board. We talked about what can be opened step by step after the first normalization steps based on scientific publications. But this is possible with the downward movement of the course of the epidemic. 50 organizations can be held at the end of the first 4 weeks. “


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