Where and when to see season 3 of Dr. Stone?

In the shadow of anime giants, Dr. Stone has built a good reputation, with its original script and endearing heroes.

At the start of 2023, the anime of the moment are heavyweights of the genre. With the arrival of new story arcs such as The attack of the Titanswhich finally begins its final, Bleach Thousand-Year Warten years after the original, or the undeniable success of Tokyo Revengers and its season 2, there is little room left for the challengers. Nevertheless, Dr. Stone is one of the brightest of them, in more ways than one. Far from being a classic shōnen, it deviates from the codes of the genre by relying on a clever script, allowing the introduction of a lot of knowledge.

head and legs

Taiju and Senku are two almost ordinary high school students. If the first shines with its scientific spirit, the second is a force of nature. But the two friends see their lives turned upside down by an event that will change the course of humanity. A light in the sky transforms the entire world population into stone statues.

When they wake up, the two friends seek to get the world out of its petrification, and to achieve this, they will have to start from the basics of knowledge. An intelligent narrative process that allows its author, Riichiro Inagaki, to introduce a number of scientific, physical, mathematical or practical principles, which illustrate the journey of the two boys while teaching things to readers.

Award-winning intelligence

The inventiveness and pedagogical quality of the work was also hailed by the prestigious Shōgakukan Prize in 2018, electing it best shōnen of its 64th edition. Among the latest winners to date, we find a certain Chainsaw Manin 2020. Dr. Stone has already sold more than 13 million copies of its 26 volumes in 2022, and the success of its series produced by TMS Entertainment (Detective Conan) is likely to increase these numbers.

The third season of the anime will arrive next April 6 on Crunchyroll, for its first course, the second not yet being dated. Fans of Taiju and Senku, or of culture in general, will mark the date of this beautiful invitation to knowledge on their calendar.

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