Where are cereals from the “breadbasket of Europe” exported?

2023-07-22 11:58:05

Russia announced on Monday its withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, an agreement signed with Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations to allow Ukrainian grain exports to continue despite the war.

Our infographic provides an overview of the importance of these agricultural flows on a global scale. In total, last year, 90 countries imported cereals (wheat and others) from Ukraine. About half of them are located in Africa and Asia.

This map shows the share of grain exports from Ukraine by country of destination in 2022 (in % of value) – Statista

Neighboring Romania, little affected by the blockages of maritime exports from kyiv, became the first importer of Ukrainian cereals in 2022 (ahead of China).

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to a significant rise in food prices on world markets, and in particular grain prices, given the role played by these two countries in international agricultural trade.

Our file “War in Ukraine”

The “solidarity corridors” set up by the European Union to help Ukraine export its agricultural products and the Black Sea Grain Initiative (signed in July 2022) have contributed significantly to the decline in prices observed since the end of 2022.


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