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SMIC is the largest and most advanced foundry in China, while TSMC is the largest and most advanced foundry in the world.At the general meeting of shareholders, Zhao Haijun, co-CEO of SMIC, responded to the topic of comparison between the two.

Zhao Haijun said that in comparison with companies in the same industry, its information is also inferred mainly from the conclusions drawn by industry analysts.

Zhao Haijun said: Comparing different companies, I think it is more practical to focus on what both sides can do. Each process is the same as the carriage of a train. Advanced processes and mature processes are both important parts of the train. The advanced manufacturing process is equivalent to adding the latest carriage to the train, but the carriages we added 20 years ago are still creating good benefits for the company.

Zhao Haijun further pointed out that: each customer’s product is very important. We currently mainly meet the needs of strategic cooperation customers. The rest of the needs are in a state of blowout, and money cannot be made. The specific needs of each industry are different. Many 55nm and 40nm production lines can fully meet their needs. Then the goal of our branches is to meet such needs with the highest efficiency and the best production cost on a global scale. The technical industry of each molecular factory is specialized, and the comparison should be based on the production capacity and yield rate of the same product node. The investment is not the bigger the better. It is still necessary to make a reasonable plan in combination with the current demand and the prospect of future potential demand.

Zhao Haijun said: I believe that after ten years of polishing, the efficiency of each product node will get better and better. We are fully confident to compare similar products with any company in the world.

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