Where to get vaccinated in Quito this August 28 and who is due today



This Saturday, August 28, the process of vaccination in the country. For today, a list of centers in Quito deployed in central, southern, northern rural areas and valleys is available for people who are going for their second dose of Pfizer, Sinovac and AstraZeneca.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health ruled that people who have not yet received their first dose and are between 18 and 60 years old, may be vaccinated with the CanSino single dose.

Vaccination schedule

  • Second dose of Pfizer: People vaccinated on July 31.
  • Second dose of Sinovac: People vaccinated on July 31.
  • Second dose of Astrazeneca: Those who were vaccinated on June 13, 14, 15, 16 and 25.
  • Bicentennial Convention Center.
  • Sebastián Benalcázar School.
  • Provincial Council Educational Unit.
  • Casa Somos San Marcos.
  • Calderón Municipal Educational Unit.
  • El Quiteño Libre Basic Education School.
  • Jacinto Jijón Caamaño Private Educational Unit.


  • July 24 School (Pact).
  • Luis Napoleón Dillon School of Basic Education (Puéllaro).
  • Guayllabamba School.
  • Matovello Educational Unit (El Quinche).


  • Central University of Ecuador Coliseum.
  • ECU 911.


  • North Salesian Educational Unit.
  • Guayllabamba Educational Institution.
  • PUCE Colosseum.
  • UDLA Granados.
  • UTE Rumipamba Headquarters.


  • Quito Experimental Humanistic Technical College.
  • Instituto Superior Colegio Provincial Pichincha.
  • Paulo VI Educational Unit.
  • Bicentennial Municipal Educational Unit.
  • Oswaldo Lombeyda Municipal Educational Unit.
  • Pedro Traversari Private Educational Unit.
  • San Vicente de Paul School.
  • Pintag Attorney General Educational Unit.
  • Teodoro Wolf School of Basic Fiscal Education.
  • Heart of Mary Educational Unit.
  • Carlos Aguilar School.
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