Which of the actors do you prefer? Karim Fahmy answered without hesitation and chose one undisputedly .. You will not imagine who he is??

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The artist, Karim Fahmy, spoke earlier about many technical and personal aspects and revealed his favorite artist, and that was during his response to various questions and inquiries from the audience via the ASK feature.

Karim Fahmy answered, about the works that he admired during the last month of Ramadan, and said, through his personal account on the Instagram website: This is the series “Blood Al Soul”, which I knew to watch, and I still saw the rest and the Great series.

When asked about the date of his new series, Midlife Crisis, which he finished filming, Karim Fahmy explained: Mostly in September, God willing. When asked about his favorite actor, he answered: Leader Adel Imam is undisputed.

Karim Fahmy indicated that the artist Hana Al-Zahid was supposed to participate in the events of the Dido movie, but she apologized for the circumstances of her marriage to Ahmed Fahmy, commenting: Ahmed Fahmy is the reason, and about the possibility of presenting another part of the Dido movie, continuing: It is still a thought, God, but it may be Dido 2, the artist, Ali Rabie, remains with me, a hero in the events.

And about his participation with the artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, in the series We Love Tani Les, which was shown in the Ramadan race for 2021, Karim Fahmy said: Instead of my beloved and Yasmine, my sister, who is simple with her at work, and I hope we work again and again.. It is normal for anyone who works with Yasmine Abdel Aziz to write. After that, even if you worked a thousand championships, the profession has its origins.

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