Who is number 1 on the 12 Zodiac Lucky List in 2023?

Let’s take a look at the 12 constellations’ Lucky Ranking in 2023. Will it be as you expected?

First place: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the luckiest zodiac sign of 2023! Both career and study are in a flourishing period, fortune luck will also improve and surprises in all aspects will come to you one after another.

Second place: Virgo

Next to Sagittarius is Virgo! In particular, the luck of wealth is the last thing to appear, soaring every minute, counting money until hands cramp, and looking forward to receiving the freedom of wealth.

Third place: Leo

A Leo with a good overall fortune will have the biggest surprise in his career, just knowing how to seize the opportunity will definitely open one surprise after another.

Fourth place: Pisces

Pisces in the year 2023 is very lucky, especially when the fortune comes too late, but also enviable.

Fifth place: Aquarius

Aquarius this year is also very lucky, especially in terms of career progression. Thanks to the help of noble people, a lot of detours will be avoided, it is necessary to continue to work hard.

Sixth place: Taurus

The fortune of Taurus this year is a state of surprise and fear, the overall fortune is relatively balanced but the unexpected career luck is not bad.

Seventh place: Cancer

Cancer’s fortune this year is really normal and trivial, although there are no surprises, but fortunately there are no shocks, which is considered a good thing.

Eighth place: Capricorn

Your fortune is relatively stable, although there are some difficulties, but thanks to your help, you can overcome it smoothly, but you still need to make constant efforts.

Ninth place: Libra

The surprise for you this year is that you have nothing to look forward to and hardly a piece of wealth.

Tenth place: Scorpio

The other fortunes of Scorpio this year are relatively normal, but the peach blossom is holding back, those who are single will continue to be single.

Eleventh place: Gemini

If you want to achieve something this year, you must work on your own, otherwise your luck this year will not be so positive.

Twelfth place: Aries

Not only will you not have ideal luck this year, but you may also face some crisis because of this, it is necessary to pay full attention to it.

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