Who was Federico Olivera, the mountain guide who died in Bariloche

The death of Federico Oliverathe 48-year-old man who died yesterday after being found in serious condition after filing a complaint to find his whereabouts in Bariloche, shocked the environment of the mountain and mountaineering.

Federico was a high mountain guide, he was linked to the Mountain School of the Bariloche Andean Club and the Adult Hiking Group (GEDA) from the same institution.

The Andean Club, as well as the Association of High Mountain Guides of Argentina and the Nahuel Huapi National Park expressed their condolences after the sad outcome.

On Tuesday afternoon, Federico’s family reported him missing out of fear for his life. Immediately started a search operation in the vicinity of the Villa Los Coihues neighborhood, where he resided, by land and by water. Finally yesterday before noon he was found just 400 meters from his home, with a advanced picture of dehydration as a result of drug use.

At the Ramón Carrillo zonal hospital he was assisted but the hard-working doctors were unable to reverse the serious condition. He died around 4:00 p.m.

“You walked away unexpectedly and suddenly. We still can’t believe it.”wrote the Association of Mountain Guides, an institution to which Federico belonged, noting that his “soul flew to the eternal mountains, where someday we will meet again”.

The Nahuel Huapi Park expressed its condolences to the family at such a painful moment and highlighted the family bond with a member of that organization. She was “very recognized and appreciated in Barilochense society”, he stressed.

Federico Olivera was 48 years old. Yesterday he died in the Bariloche hospital, after being found in serious condition. Gentleness:

According to the Association of Guides, Federico was born in Ituzaingó, province of Buenos Aires, and arrived in Bariloche in 1994. He graduated from Cordillera and Trekking Guide in March 1996, in the 14th national course, organized in the mountains surrounding Ushuaia.

In 2014 he participated in the professional update course and received the title of Mountain Guidewith whom he worked until his last days, which is why many climbers remember him having crossed it and shared adventures last summer in different refuges and routes near Bariloche.

We will always remember you for your good humor and camaraderie”, highlighted the association, which also recalled that it worked mostly in the mountains of Northern Patagonia and in the Tronador area.

“We are not going to fire you, Fede… We will continue to accompany you. You will be in the picadas, on the edges and in the mountain refuges. In the Argentine Association of Mountain Guides you will always be present ”, she remarked.

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