WHO worries about mistrust of COVID vaccination

Citizens of many countries mistrust COVID-19 vaccines

There is a crisis of confidence in the vaccine company around the world. First, we need to establish communication with the population, as well as set an example for politicians and doctors.

The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that there is a worldwide distrust of coronavirus vaccination. WHO experts fear the campaign will fail, as it will negatively affect other vaccination programs. This was stated by the WHO representative in the Russian Federation Melita Vujnovich, writes TASS.

“What we see now around the world, in all countries, is a crisis of confidence. This is a crisis of confidence between the population and the state. We are very concerned, because if vaccination against coronavirus all over the world now fails, it will have a catastrophic effect and on all other immunization programs. So we are losing the most important intervention, the intervention that allows us to fight against infectious diseases, “said Vujnovic at an online meeting at the V National Assembly of the Protected Generation.

She spoke about four components that affect trust.

First of all, according to the expert, this is direct communication with the population. Then, an important source of information is the source of information, with the help of which the opinion of citizens is formed. The third is the environment and, finally, the last is the example of the authorities and doctors.

Vujnovic separately stressed that people will have great confidence in vaccination if they see how politicians and doctors are vaccinated.

Note, as the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov said, allergy to COVID vaccine is available in 1.2% of Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, the European Union began preparation of vaccination passports… A COVID passport will be required when traveling.

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