Why does China apply to join the CPTPP and why Beijing has to “prefer to Tiger Mountain”-BBC News

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China said on Thursday (September 16) that it has formally applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), demonstrating the world’s second-largest economy’s ambitions in international trade. However, some analysts believe that Beijing will face numerous obstacles, including the pain caused by the required domestic reforms.

The day before China announced this news, the United States had just announced the establishment of a new security alliance with Britain and Australia in the Indo-Pacific region to share advanced defense technology and intelligence.

The predecessor of the agreement was the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Former U.S. President Barack Obama pushed for the agreement to counterbalance China’s influence during his tenure, and it has a high threshold for trade liberalization. But the successor, President Donald Trump, announced his withdrawal from the agreement in 2017.

The Ministry of Commerce of China said in a statement that the Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao had submitted a written letter to Damien O’Connor, the Minister of Trade and Export Growth of New Zealand, applying to join the CPTPP. New Zealand is the depositary of this agreement composed of 11 countries and is responsible for handling various administrative matters, such as requests for accession.

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