Why does Laurent Ruquier’s show stop?

ON N’EST PAS COUCHE – After fourteen years of existence, On n’est pas couché ends on July 4, 2020. Laurent Ruquier had given the reasons for stopping the talk show he has hosted since 2006.

[Updatedon04[Misàjourle04 July 2020 at 11:00 p.m.]It’s a page that turns in the small world of television. After fourteen years on the screen, We are not lying definitively ends on France 2. The channel broadcasts on Saturday July 4 the final broadcast of the talk show by Laurent Ruquier. The end of an era for the presenter, who made the decision to end the show himself. Last April, Laurent Ruquier explained that he decided to end On n’est pas couché in November. “I want to see something else, to regain my freedom, he explained to the Parisian, more than two months ago. I thought it was the right time to reinvent myself.” Today, the host explains to the national daily that the various controversies and the reactions of social networks to the program have made this program “more and more difficult” to do.

But after We’re not in bed, what will Laurent Ruquier do? The presenter is already preparing a new television meeting. The project remains mysterious, but Laurent Ruquier promises that this program will be “live”, giving pride of place to “humor, the show, to be less background and more spectacular”. This new show will, like On ne pas couché, be broadcast on Saturday in the second half of the evening on France 2. Viewers could discover it from October.

Find out more about We are not lying

Fourteen years that Catherine Barma and Laurent Ruquier accompany on France 2 the nights of Saturday people who “are not lying”. We’re not in bed with Catherine Barma in production, Serge Khalfon in charge, and of course, in the main presentation, Laurent Ruquier. This 3 to 4 hour talk show, one of the longest in PAF, has followed the same recipe since its inception: one after another, on the guest chair, people from cultural or artistic backgrounds. There is also a political guest, elected or member of a party (except election campaigns), even philosopher, polemicist …

For the interviews, Laurent Ruquier is assisted by two journalists and / or polemicists. If the most famous duo launched by On n’est pas couché remains the two Erics: Zemmour and Naulleau, other big names have followed one another. Thus, Michel Polac, Audrey Pulvar, Natacha Polony, Aymeric Caron, Léa Salamé or Yann Moix and Christine Angot, but also Charles Consigny have taken turns as columnists at Ruquier since the creation of the show.

We are not lying is broadcast on Saturday in the third part of the evening on France 2. The show is usually recorded, but it has happened, on rare occasions, that it is presented live. Note also that We are not in bed was exceptionally deprogrammed on November 14, 2015 following the Paris attacks. Instead, a special program presented by Laurent Ruquier, Léa Salamé and Yann Moix, surrounded by many guests. This program entitled “On est solidaire” gathered more than 3 million viewers. The issue ends in June 2020 after 14 years of existence.

We are not lying is available in replay on the France Television platform. By going to france.tv, you can find the program of the previous week for 8 days. We are not lying also has our own official channel on Youtube. ONPCOfficiel, the official youtube channel of On ne pas couché, offers a good part of the show’s archives. We can review a program in its entirety or select the interview that interests us.

We are not lying is of course broadcast live via the streaming platform of the France Television group. In order to be able to watch the live broadcast, just go to the platform at france.tv/france-2/on-n-est-pas-couche. The streaming of France 2 is also available directly on the channel’s website, by clicking on “Watch France 2 live” at the top right.

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