“Why Max Verstappen didn’t slow down at the F1 Monaco GP: Insights and Analysis”

2023-05-29 23:40:51

Max Verstappen explained why he didn’t slow down at the end of the F1 Monaco GP, even though he was about 19 seconds ahead of second-placed Fernando Alonso. Red Bull Racing’s Verstappen seemed to have won the race towards the end of the race, but was still running on the edge, nearly hitting a barrier once.

Verstappen ultimately avoided the accident and took his fourth win of the 2023 F1 season, but his all-out approach in the second half was questioned by some, including Verstappen’s engineers. Verstappen said why he didn’t slow down at the end of the race: “The engineers asked me the same thing, but when you’re in the rhythm it’s more important and it’s better to stay that way.” rice field. “I think out of the 16 laps, I only hit the barrier once. I thought I had a little more margin, but I touched the barrier and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I didn’t have a margin.’ But it was fine.” “It’s better to have a good rhythm and feel better than to slow down and go out of your zone, and sometimes the tires get cold.” It was already getting pretty cold, so I think it’s better to stay in that rhythm, because I wasn’t overdriving, I was just in my zone.” I received the checkered flag with 27 seconds 921 difference to Fernando Alonso.

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