Why Philadelphia Eagles Must Extend Jalen Hurts’ Contract: Insights from WR AJ Brown

2023-02-22 08:00:00

At least the leaders of Philadelphia have been warned.

Despite a cruel Super Bowl loss, Eagles fans have reason to rejoice, their team is built to last. And as we have seen this season, the cornerstone of this project is (as often) the pitcher. Jalen Hurts proved all the way to the Super Bowl that he could be a franchise quarterback.

Except that a quality pitcher is paid for. For the moment, the former Alabama is still on his rookie contract, but he is entering his last year and necessarily negotiations for an extension should not take long. AJ Brown, the receiver arriving this season from the Titans, left no room for doubt as to his opinion on the matter.

“Pay it! he ordered with a smile on the Raw Room Podcast. “I love Philly, but honestly… If you don’t extend it, I’m going with him. You can send me to his new franchise. Yes, Howie (Roseman, General Manager) I put the pressure, pay it! »

All this is of course said in a light tone, but all the same symbolizes the receiver’s attachment to his leader. It must be said that with Hurts, AJ Brown posted the best statistics of his career (88 receptions, 1,496 yards and 11 TDs). No wonder he doesn’t want to change a winning team.

I will do everything in my power to play as long as possible with Jalen Hurts. Him, DeVonta (Smith) and I, we form a beautiful trio and we want to keep it as much as possible […] We will keep this team and win something together. For that, they have to give Jalen a big contract, a house, a building, the whole state if necessary…”

At least it’s clear to the receiver. There is still little chance that AJ Brown will have to pack his bags as extending Jalen Hurts seems to be a priority for Howie Roseman and Philadelphia.

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