why the TF1 show is not broadcast this Saturday?

MASK SINGER 2020 – Saturday, November 14, there is exceptionally no new episode of Mask Singer broadcast on TF1, the channel offering another program instead.

[Mis à jour le 14 novembre 2020 à 20h00] The Mask Singer investigation is on hiatus this week. This Saturday, November 14, 2020, TF1 is not broadcasting a new episode of the puzzle game, in which we have to guess which celebrities are hidden under costumes. Indeed, the first channel offers, exceptionally, another program, for football fans this time. Mask Singer gives way to the UEFA Nations League game, in which France faces Portugal.

But that the faithful of Mask Singer be reassured: this cut is exceptional, and season 2 resumes the following week. On Saturday, November 21, regulars of the show will be able to discover the semi-final of the game TF1, which opposes the Spider, the Dragon, the Shark, the Penguin and the Robot. This break will allow the most seasoned viewers to research which stars are hiding under the costumes of Mask Singer, before the last two episodes. We will know the names of all the personalities on November 28, the date of the Mask Singer finale.

During the last episode of Mask Singer 2020, which aired on Saturday, November 7, viewers discovered the identities of two new costumed personalities. Eliminated at the gates of the semi-final, the Skeleton revealed to be none other than Djibril Cissé, the former international footballer and DJ. As for the Octopus, it was the singer and actress Liane Foly that had to be found! These two eliminations should not make us lose sight of the fact that five other candidates are still on the track and that, for many of them, new clues come to help us in our predictions. The Penguin, Shark, Robot, Spider and Dragon are still competing for the moment. Find below the recap of the new clues on the different candidates.

Everything about Mask Singer on TF1

The broadcast of Mask Singer resumed on October 17, 2020. Since the beginning of season 2, several stars have been unmasked and we have already collected many clues. We have summarized all the clues concerning the stars still competing in the TF1 game below:

Clues about the Spider : The Spider is a woman that the public is used to seeing, since she regularly appears in front of millions of people. She won a “large-scale beauty pageant,” which may be reminiscent of a Miss Pageant. She also says she was in a relationship with a media personality, and has made magazine covers several times with official photos, but also stolen.

Clues on the Dragon : The dragon is a man, for whom sport is important but he has not practiced it professionally. He was twice champion of France and was named best player in the championship. He reveals to have been “coached by the best”, “legends” in his field. He did some cooking. He went to high school and college, but learned his trade on the job, without a diploma.

Shark clues : The Mask Singer Shark is a man, who places importance on the stars, obtained very young, in his portrait. He has a “sharp physique” “The Shark was a fairly young star. The star was a symbol that has accompanied me quite a bit.” He has a “sharp physique”, and stuttered at first. He has never played rugby at a professional level, and reveals that he has succeeded in his career thanks to his wit and knowledge. He reveals to be particularly sensitive, and to assume his positions. He started with another person, his “brother”. He writes and makes music.

Penguin clues : Mask Singer’s Penguin is a woman, we have known for a long time, possibly in her forties. She has her name on a plaque in Los Angeles, near that of Jodie Foster. Her life was sprawled out in the tabloids and she had a hard time. She began to take the stage in front of 2000 characters at 12 and was already singing a little in English.

Clues on the Robot : The Robot is a singer, who has met artists like Pascal Obispo and Lara Fabian. Ihe owes his career to his “guardian angels”. It is not the first time that he sang on stage in costume. He made reference to the Enfoirés, suggesting that he is or was part of the troop. He spoke of a role that sticks to him, that changed his life, and not just his own.

The Mask Singer 2020 characters are revealed, with two characters per episode. For now, we know that the swimmer Laure Manaudou hid under the Wolf costume, while the actress Frederique Bel was the Mouth. The Bogdanoff Brothers were hiding under the costumes of the Parrots, the first duet of the TF1 show. The facilitator Valerie Damidot was the Vixen, while the singer Dave was behind the Owl costume. An international star was also in the cast of this season 2: it was the Spanish actress Itziar Ituno, who embodies Lisbon in La Casa de Papel, who was hiding under the costume of the Ballerina.

As a reminder, athletes, singers, actors or politicians can join the program under masks and costumes. In the first season of Mask Singer, twelve personalities had agreed to play the game: Marie-José Perec, Sheila, Lio, Yves Lecoq, Smaïn, Joyce Jonathan, David Douillet, Natasha Saint-Pier, Frank Leboeuf, Karl Zero, Julie Zenatti, and Laurence Boccolini (the winner of season 1).

During the first season, the twelve personalities who were hiding behind a mask were not allowed to reveal their participation in Mask Singer. Even their relatives are not aware of their presence on the show. An important system was thus put in place by TF1 to prevent any information from being divulged before the broadcast: during the filming, no one could speak to the personalities, and they always circulated with their masks. Some media outlets released the names of some stars ahead of Mask Singer’s airing, which leaked overall was found to be correct.

Apart from the disguised stars, four personalities must unmask the actors, singers or even hidden political personalities thanks to their voices and to the meager clues made available to them. These four investigators are the facilitator Alessandra Sublet, singer Anggun, comedian Jarry and actor Kev Adams. The show is presented by Camille Combal.

Mask Singer is the televised event for November. The first season kicked off on November 8, 2019 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1. The show will air every Friday from that date. The episodes will then be available for replay the next day on the Mytf1 site. The second season airs since October 17, 2020.

Mask Singer – au TV programs every Saturday on TF1.

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