Wife dies at home – coma husband Invite each other to go to the forest to collect mushrooms and make curry. I didn’t know I found a poisonous one. – Fresh news.

Husband and wife invite each other to go to the forest at the end of the village to collect mushrooms to eat curry. Late at night, nausea and vomiting until late refuse to go to the hospital Finally, the shock wife died at home. A coma husband takes him to the doctor to save his life. Expected to collect poisonous mushrooms mixed with edible mushrooms.

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At 21:45 on 18 May 2022 police officer Ban Dung Police Station Udon Thani Province Received notification that villagers ate poisonous mushrooms and died from coma at their homes, Ban Chan Subdistrict, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province Then rushed to check with the paramedics, Ban Chan Subdistrict Administrative Organization. and rescue

when arrivedThe funeral of Miss Soithong, 40, and Mr. Somruan, 40, her husband, Ban Chan Subdistrict Administrative Organization. Help bring him to Somdej Phra Yuparat Ban Dung Hospital first. The doctors rushed to the emergency room to save life urgently.

  dead forest mushroom

Her mother should testify that Yesterday, my son and wife went to collect mushrooms in the Yuca forest at the end of the village to come and eat. And it turns out that in the middle of the night, both of them had nausea and vomiting. The son called the lifeguards of the Ban Chan Subdistrict Administrative Organization. But the daughter-in-law said she could still do it, so they both didn’t go to the hospital.

” Until today, both of them have been vomiting all the time. Told to see the doctor, my daughter-in-law did not go. said symptoms improved But soon it was still there. Rescuers came to help but the daughter-in-law had died. While the son was in severe condition, he was rushed to the hospital. The reason is probably taking them to collect poisonous mushrooms and eat them together with edible mushrooms.”


Preliminary autopsy doctor No wounds or traces of abuse were found, the body was taken to the hospital with legal investigations. before allowing the family to continue with the religious ceremonies

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