Wild Boar Population Control Measures Strengthened by Walloon Government

2023-12-20 16:08:00

The Walloon government approved on Wednesday the strengthening of measures to destroy wild boar populations in order to limit the expansion of the species.

The Walloon executive is paving the way for night shooting in the plains under certain strict conditions, which will prove more effective given the nocturnal habits of the animal. Furthermore, to reduce populations in peri-urban areas as well as north of the Sambre-et-Meuse furrow, where traditional hunting is more difficult to organize from a security point of view, the Walloon government has decided to authorize hunting. trapping wild boars.

Finally, where the shooting objectives have not been achieved at the end of the current hunting period, which must end on December 31, additional hunts may be planned. The shooting plan currently in place in the Walloon Region provides for the destruction of 23,481 wild boars, including 7,206 sows weighing more than 30 kg.

“There is an urgency regarding the destruction of the wild boar, as the species is a threat in terms of health, agriculture, forest regeneration, damage to private property, biodiversity and road safety,” he said. justified the Minister of Hunting, Willy Borsus (MR), quoted in a press release.

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